Forever Living Products Palmdale

Health, Beauty, Wellness, Aloe Vera and Multi Level Marketing- a familiar formula but as always we come into this with an open mind. Forever Living Products is all of these things and more…but is it a successful company with a good product and a good opportunity for you? Only one way to find out…

Let’s dig into the details of this company and see what’s up.

Forever Living: the Products

Mostly based on the healing, restorative, and enriching properties of the Aloe Vera plant, Forever Living Products contain this botanical gel, and are enhanced with modern science for results that offer all sorts of benefits to consumers like:

  • immune system support
  • skin hydration
  • digestive system cleansing
  • skin renewal
  • energy

Products range from skin care lines to antioxidant rich drinks and are made with 100% pure aloe. Quality is ensured because Forever Living Products® owns their own aloe farms in Texas and the Dominican Republic, where they own the largest aloe plantation in the world.

Natural fertilizer from goats and sheep is used, and these animals also provide weed control. Plants are harvested by hand and the aloe is processed within hours for the freshest product.

So far all this sounds great. Load yourself up with scientific knowledge of health benefits of Aloe, arm yourself with details on how great the FLP farming and harvesting processes are for the environment and the local communities, and you’re on your way.

Products are very reasonably priced, with many under $30.

Forever Living Company

These guys have been around for almost 40 years- and they are a multi-billion dollar company. Is there any need to go further?

The leader, Rex Maughan, has a business degree and has serious previous experience running large companies. He’s impressive, admirable, and visionary…everything a good CEO should be.

He’s also the founder of the company, which started out in 1978 with 43 people in Tempe, Arizona. Now, if you can believe the Forever Living Products website, they have 9.5 million distributors! Forever Business Owners (FBOs), as they’re called, are spreading the word in over 150 countries.

You must admit this is impressive. This company is solid.

The Compensation Plan

To become an FBO, you’ll be asked to apply. They’ll ask for your personal information, including your Social Security Number, your contact info, and how you want to be paid (direct deposit or a third party payment system called “Forever Global Pay”.

One reassuring thing is that there is no monthly fee, you’re not forced to buy anything, and there’s no membership fee, either.

So, what’s the catch? None that I could find.

You get to purchase the FLP products at a discount and sell them for 43% profit. Compare this to running a retail store where you buy wholesale and sell retail, only there’s no overhead.

You also get a discount for yourself, up to 18% when you sponsor new customers and mentor them for making their own sales. Bring them along, help them get promoted, and together form a Group. When that happens you yourself get a Group Volume Bonus of up to 13% on your team members.

There’s a Leadership Bonus you get for every one of your team that becomes a Manager: 2% bonus on those downlines, up to 6%.

Finally, what would a successful MLM be without all-expense paid trips to their convention, world travel bonuses, and the ubiquitous car payment for super sellers. FLP even goes so far as to offer you the choice of

  • car payment
  • boat payment
  • house payment
  • choose your own asset!

So, what do you have to do? Purchase a Business Pak, sell 4 case credits per month, and build your team. There’s training on their website plus product brochures, there are meetings in every state, and of course their big Rallies for convention-style training and motivation.

The Verdict

With almost 40 years in business, plus great products based on can’t-go-wrong Aloe Vera, Forever Living Products is a solid opportunity. The only thing to worry about is over saturation of the market with distributors. Find out what’s already in your corner of the world and maybe you’ll get lucky with no reps near you yet.