Forever Living Products Discount

In order to get a 15% discount for FLP product all you need to do is to register. Registration is FREE! The easiest way to register is to push the green button below and follow the instructions.

Own your own business. Join now and achieve your dreams.


Sponsor ID# 001-002-544-235

When you fill the application out make sure to have our sponsor ID # for the registration.

After registration within 30 minutes you will receive your personal ID number and password. You can change your password on more desirable. Copy your ID and save it in your computer.

Enter to corporate website, login on the right upper corner with your ID and password, set up your preferences and start shopping with your 15% discount. In time of registration you have option to input your social security number if you want to or just leave that field empty.

There is no membership fee, no monthly fee, and no obligations to buy or sell the products. You just buy product for yourself whenever you need with the discount.

There is only one requirement – your minimum order should be for $100.00 US.

All orders of product totaling $600 or less will include ONLY $7.50 US shipping charge.

Orders consisting of ONLY literature and gear items will have a $2.50 US shipping charge.

The discount you will receive from Forever Living is a lifetime deal meaning that you will not ever need to renew it. With forever living products discount you can enjoy shopping and save money forever.

Become a Distributor

Upon becoming a Distributor, you purchase product directly from the Company at a 15% discount.

In addition, when your retail clients order product via your Company-linked personal website, the Company pays you a profit of 15% of the retail price.

If you like the product and manage to purchase it for at least 2 case credits (in minimum amount about $320; 1 credit case = US $ 132) within any 2 consecutive calendar month period you become wholesale qualified for a life, and your personal discount and retail profit both increase permanently to 35% of the retail price.

This will also allow you to sponsor others into the business, develop your own group or distributors and receive group bonuses.

As an FLP distributor you have 12 months money back guarantee.

New Distributor Pricing

The pricing structure begins with the Retail Price. This is the price that is paid by customers who have not yet sponsored as distributors.

Let’s suppose that the customer pays $100 for a variety of products.

Next, there is the New Distributor Price or NDP, which is discounted approximately 15% from the retail. This is the price paid by Distributors until they personally-purchase their first 2cc within two consecutive months.

In our example, Distributors who have not yet fulfilled the 2cc-in-2-month requirement would pay $85 for the same product.

Finally, we have the Wholesale Price, which is approximately 30% less than retail; this is the price paid by all Distributors who have previously purchased an accumulated total of 2cc within two consecutive months. These Distributors would pay $70 for the product in our example.

Own your own business. Join now and achieve your dreams.