Forever Living Eagle Manager

Forever Living Eagle Manager

Forever Eagle Manager program is designed to encourage Managers to achieve and maintain sales volume that will produce income worthy of the various Manager positions in the marketing plan.

Eagle Manager status must be earned each year by meeting the following requirements during the calendar year after qualifying as a Recognized Manager:

1. Be Active and Leadership Bonus qualified every month.

2. Accumulate at least 720 total case credits, including at least 100 case credits from new, personally-sponsored downlines.

3. Personally sponsor and develop at least 2 new Supervisor lines.

4. Support local and regional meetings.

In addition to the requirements listed above, Senior Managers and above must also develop and maintain downline Eagle Managers, as outlined in the following schedule, in order to be considered Eagle Manager. Each downline Eagle Manager must be in a separate sponsorship line, without regard to how many generations down. This requirement will be based on the Manager position qualified for at the beginning of the calendar year.

1. Senior Manager: 1 downline Eagle Manager.

2. Soaring Manager: 3 downline Eagle Managers.

3. Sapphire Manager: 6 downline Eagle Managers.

4. Diamond-Sapphire: 10 downline Eagle Managers.

5. Diamond Manager: 15 downline Eagle Managers.

6. Double-Diamond Manager: 25 downline Eagle Managers.

7. Triple-Diamond Manager: 35 downline Eagle Managers.

8. Centurion-Diamond Manager: 45 downline Eagle Managers.