In the search of a natural acne treatment for my son, my research involving aloe vera gel and different skin conditions has also proven itself successful in trying to combat these annoying and ugly critters on face, neck, chest and back.

Many acne sufferers know the ugly “symptoms” of growing up: clogged pores, infections that sometimes leave permanent scars, and a diminished self-esteem that may even permanently damage the psyche depending on the severity of the acne. Over the counter creams or prescribed medication helps keep the acne sometwhat in control.

Fortunately there is a natural remedy that proofs itself extremely effective. It is simple, cleansing and nourishing without harming the health because what you put on your skin will penetrate through the different layers of the skin and eventually end up inside your body. This fact right there should make your think twice what you will put on your skin now and in the future.

There is really no need to use expensive and chemical-loaden cremes to put on your skin. Nature has provided us with the multi-talented Aloe Vera which will serve as the most effective natural acne treatment, not in one way but in two ways: Applying pure aloe vera gel onto our skin in addition to drinking pure aloe vera juice to regulate the internal off-balance can dramatically increase overall health, therefore also improving the condition of our skin.

If the acne is mild you can probably get away with using an aloe water for cleansing and an aloe vera gel to apply after your soft cleanse. If your acne is pretty severe, then adding a daily glass of aloe vera juice and balancing your ph level would be important. Read on below to find out more about the internal cleansing and its effects on your overall health but also on your skin.